phototextile of 2013フォトグラファー坪井清人ホームページ/Photographer kiyoto Tsuboi

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Photo Textile

ART と暮らすゆとり

ハイエンドデジタルカメラで実写撮影した独自のART作品や風景、植物、建造物のリアルな質感をモチーフにして作り上げられたhigh textureに

WEB・ゲーム・モバイル制作のクオリティーを引き立てるデザインとして 又、広告・建築・ファッション・インテリア・照明演出・ステージ

Texture Design is made by completely new technique.
It is created by digital editing with photographs which were taken original arts, scenery, organic plants and architectures by high-end digital camera.It has various use such as digital content,print, picture medium and installation art.
It is different from feel of a material by the conventional illustrator. And it brings on luxurious shine and luster by a feeling of real material and directs space and the clothing of adult still more attractively.

Use: (web design, game design, mobile contents, advertisement, architectures, fashion, interior,lighting, stage design)